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Melissa Sullivan

Hardwick, VT
I love everything alive, and gardening and local foods have been thrills for me even before I dove deep into the fruitarian lifestyle. I embarked on this lifestyle in 2016, when health issues prompted a change in mindset.
I was a nervous as a kid diagnosed with the eye-glazing, cultural nightmare "autism spectrum." Intuitively everyobe knows- its more than just a personal disorder- its a cultural disorder. After several life threatening neurological episodes, I cast the veil aside and searched for healing. I found the powers of fruit and it made sense. From a dead end to unlimited possibilities and personal power- my perspective my life is beautiful for me and other's lives are beautiful for me also. 
I never met another raw vegan for two years after I began. I took a break from my job at a fruit nursery to go to a fruit festival, and I am so grateful for the times. I love swimming, dancing outside, gardening, and ebracing the beauty if nature.