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Jeannette Donofrio

Miami, Florida

Jeannette Donofrio is a Food and Beverage Business Consultant and the Founder of Fruit Is Life, a South Florida Based Tropical and Exotic Fruit Company. She is extremely passionate about living a raw vegan liferstyle and has been following a high fruit diet for over 10 years now! Her life purpose is to inspire you to be your greatest version in all aspects of your life! When she is not serving up freshly pressed sugarcane juice at the festival, you can find Jeannette on YouTube (Ms.FitVegan) where she posts content on goal setting, healthy living and more!

Jeannette is currently offering her new recipe book "100 Deliciously Fun & Easy Raw Vegan Recipes" for FREE at www.100freerecipes.com

You can connect with Jeannette for Business, Health Consultations or for Personal and Group Accountability Coaching by sending her an email at JD@MsFitVegan.com or connect with her on Instagram @Ms.FitVegan

Check out her Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/MsFitVegan
For more information on Fruit Is Life follow her @FruitIsLife.store on Instagram
And check out her really fun "Eat Fruit Be Cute" merchandise here:  www.FruitIsLife.store