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Lena Ropp

Raw Food Chef, Raw Vegan Lifestyle Coach
Lena Ropp is the Founder of PureVeganFood, Raw Food Chef, Recipe Developer, Food Stylist, Raw Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Author and Social media influencer based in Encinitas, California. Lena has been inspiring her followers on @pureveganfood through the art of food since 2014.
Lena's mission is to empower people to thrive on plants and shine their brightest. She is all about making the raw vegan lifestyle easy and delicious, so that it's joyfully sustainable!
In everything she does, from online classes and one-on-one raw vegan lifestyle consultations to developing high vibe healthy recipes using the purest, wholesome ingredients, Lena is helping the community feel confident in the kitchen so that making raw food dishes feels like second nature. She inspires her audience to be creative with recipes and ingredients. knowing that all the flavors, textures and colors of living foods will maintain their excitement for this lifestyle!

If you are looking for some support, coaching and guidance in transition to a raw vegan lifestyle reach out at pureveganfood@gmail.com.
Visit http://www.mypureveganfood.com/ and http://www.instagram.com/pureveganfood
for inspiration, recipes, ebooks, classes and more.